It is always a beautiful state for each one of us if we can achieve smooth and perfect looking skin with minimum to no issues within. Facial features are pivotal in ensuring our overall beauty and appearance and thus it is essential to keep facial conditions in check. Micro-Pigmentation is one such treatment that people undergoes to keep several issues away from taking place.

In today’s time when medical science has improved massively, micro pigmentation is one of the most sought after treatment procedures that people are willing to try out to freshen up their appearance. It is known as a tattooing procedure that is very popular in the cosmetic industry. People across different age groups find the best micro-pigmentation treatment to enhance their skin.

Micro-Pigmentation Treatment in Siliguri

The process of micro-pigmentation is suitable for both men and women. Various issues can occur that needs a solution. In this procedure, pigments get introduced to the skin or the scalp with the help of needles so that the colour of it gets changed. Melanin is the pigment that plays a major role in determining our skin colour. It gets produced by melanocytes. Such conditions occur when we begin to see the loss of melanocytes, it is when we begin to witness skin colour lightening.

Effective Areas

The usage of micro-pigmentation is vast and ever-improving. In today’s time, patients receive suitable treatment procedures to fulfil their needs and requirements, that too without spending a truckload of money. Micro-pigmentation has brought a revolution in the cosmetic industry and is helpful in numerous sides of human bodies.

  • Scalp Micro-Pigmentation
  • Several reasons like genetic disorders, irregular lifestyle, and chemotherapy can cause hair thinning or baldness. People with similar conditions hide the bald part so that their appearance does not get hampered. Although hair transplantation is not always remains a feasible option for various reasons, and thus scalp micro-pigmentation becomes a useful treatment for people with baldness.

  • Lip Micro-Pigmentation
  • People tend to do undergo surgeries on their lips like cleft lip or cleft palate, due to which scars remain visible. And taking up pigmentation can provide you with suitable results. Additionally, it is also a helpful procedure for people looking to treat dark lips.

  • Vitiligo
  • It is a disease that is generally caused by genetic disorders. The condition occurs when the skin began to show white patches due to the loss of melanocytes from the skin. Pigmentation can be very helpful for patients suffering from this condition to make the skin similar to the surrounding colour.

    With any cosmetic procedure, there is always a bit of risk involved. Although with advanced infrastructure and doctor’s surveillance, the chances are a bare minimum, you may face some of the issues post-pigmentation stated down below –


  • Infection
  • Eye Complications
  • Scar Tissue
  • Allergy
  • Bruising

The chances of occurring are pretty less as the procedure gets completed with minimum hassle. You should always look for the best micro-pigmentation treatment in your region so that you can achieve the finest results.

To get the desired outcome, you need to look out for the centre that offers the best facilities alongside an experienced doctor who understands the insights of various cosmetic surgery procedures in-depth.

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