Hair is one of our pivotal body elements that enhance our look and character. It increases our style quotient and impacts how do we look and feel. Without a good hairline, our confidence level drops drastically impacts hugely in our daily lives. Be it in our personal or professional life, hair remains a crucial aspect irrespective of our age.

Although not all of us are blessed with great hairline growth. Many of us tend to experience hair fall and hair thinning at a much early stage that results in a bad impression. We get extremely cautious about our figure and we tend to struggle in terms of confidence and meeting new people. Without a confident stature, we began to struggle in getting good performances in our professional life. The appropriate thing to do in this period is to undergo the best PRP and Stem cell treatment in Siliguri to recover your situation.

PRP and Stem Cell Treatment in Siliguri

To treat hair fall or hair thinning, hair transplantation is another procedure that is available on the market for people to avail. But not always, people like to follow the route, as it is a much-complicated procedure as well as time-consuming. For those people, undergoing PRP and stem cell treatment might be the ideal procedure to follow.

How The Process Works?

It is a procedure that is beneficial for patients who are suffering from hair loss. It is a condition that demands quick action, and without that, you may experience the hairline getting thinner over time. Thus the suitable way is to undergo treatment from an experienced professional at the earliest to start off your recovery. The stem cell treatment usually involves around 4 steps. They are –

  • Drawing Blood
  • The blood gets drawn from your arm and put into a centrifuge.

  • Centrifuge
  • The blood gets collected in the centrifuge device and remains there for about 10 minutes.

  • Blood Components
  • After that, the blood will get separated into the following 3 layers –

    • Platelet-poor plasma
    • Platelet-rich plasma
    • Red blood cells
  • Reinserting
  • The medical professional will therefore collect the platelet-rich plasma portion and inject it back to the scalp areas that need hair growth.

It is recommended to undergo this procedure to people who are experiencing early hair fall or to those people who are reluctant to take up hair surgery. To regain your beautiful hair back, this procedure is very suitable to get your beauty and confidence back in your life.

If you are planning to undergo this process of treatment, make sure to inform the doctors about your medications in advance. Without that, you may experience some negative impacts after these anaesthetics. Although the doctors take every precautionary measure to prevent any mishap from taking place, you may encounter minor side effects here and there.


Here, let us see some of the patients that should not undergo this procedure –

  • Patients with Chronic Infections
  • Patients with Cancer
  • Patients with Chronic Liver Disease
  • Patients with Low Platelet Count
  • Patients with Metabolic Disorder

To recover your lost hair or stay protected from your residing hairline, make sure to take up the best PRP and Stem cell treatment in Siliguri for yourself. It enables you to regain your confidence back is hugely beneficial to achieve substantial things in your life, irrespective of your age.

Hair is one thing that massively impacts our lifestyle. So it is necessary to get the finest treatment to get back our beloved thing. It is always advisable to look for a centre that offers great infrastructure so that you can have the finest experience in your region.

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